Study Bootcamp 2019 - JULY - Mosman - Week 1 (8-12 July)


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The business end of your HSC campaign has arrived….

The focus of the July holidays must be on preparing for your Trial Exams by completing exam style tasks under exam conditions each day. Up until now your focus of your HSC campaign has been assessment tasks. Now we are in exam zone. This Bootcamp is designed to teach you how to play the exam game.

Avoidance of completing exam style tasks and instead opting to tidy your room, organise your notes, and then highlight your notes will not allow you to get the marks you want.

The Pre-Trials bootcamp runs for 4 hours each session and covers >50% of the study time students should be doing each day over these holidays. This means that bootcamp attendees will be completing the majority of their study for the Trial Examinations in a supported and productive environment.

Bootcamp attendees are accountable to our coaches as well as themselves via the daily Agenda which is completed at the start of each session. In addition to selecting their own exam style tasks we will also provide 30 minute to 45 minute tasks for students to complete under exam conditions followed by feedback from our team of trained and HSC expert coaches.

Daily Schedule

Our bootcamps are a structured 20hrs per week focused on subject support, exam preparation, motivation & mindset!

Each day includes a compulsory 1hr on English tasks, lots of brain and exam training across different subjects, as well as a little bit of fun with Pizzas, Trivia and more!

Dates & Times

Monday 8th - Friday 12th July 2019

3:30pm - 7:30pm



Level 2

1-3 Gurrigal Street

Mosman  NSW  2088



1300 967 890