Major Work Workshops


This workshop is free of charge.

This workshop is for any HSC CoWorks fee paying student who has a Major Work due for the HSC 2017. It will be staffed by HSC CoWorks’ Coaches who completed their own Major Work in Extension History, English Extension 2, Visual Arts, Drama, Design & Technology and Textiles & Design.

The Coaches will start with a short presentation on their subject and suggested planning for the remainder of the year. Students will then complete a short self-assessment of their major work, which will help the coaches to individually work with them to strengthen their major work. This will include brainstorming further conceptual layers for a Visual Art major work; Revising a particular paragraph in a history extension essay; Developing a timeline for completion of the Major Work etc. 

In addition to this individual coaching, students will also have the chance to work on their major works with the support of the Coaches. This time could be spent writing, brainstorming a prototype, discussion of different types of drawing technique etc.