Holiday Exam Programme - July 2017 - Lindfield (Online HSC CoWorks Members)


In the July holidays we run our Mock Trial Exam programme and Study Bootcamp to prepare students for their Trial Exams. During the Mock Trial Exams, students sit both open and closed book exams under exam conditions. These exams teach students about time management, what they do know and more importantly what they don’t know. Students completing our exam programme will be well trained for the actual exam room.

The Study Bootcamp runs later in the day and provides an optimal learning environment over the holidays for students in Year 12. Students attending our study bootcamps can work without the distractions of home or the library and are accountable to and supported by our expert Coaching Team around a variety of subjects.

The experience of completing our Mock Trial Exams is much more important than the marks attained. In preparing for our set of exams, students will be getting into the all important “exam mode” much sooner instead of the actual exams being a distant challenge.

Post our Mock Trial Exams, the quality of study will improve dramatically as students will gain a reality check of what they actually do and don’t know as well as discovering whether their time management is on track and what is actually being asked of them.


Dates & Times

1st July - 16th July. Please contact us for exact times and dates.



  • 1 week attendance at Study Bootcamp Monday 3rd July - Friday 7th July
  • 2 weeks attendance at the Mock Trial Exam Programme (8 x Practice Examinations under timed conditions: 4 open book & 4 closed book)
  • Website Access till the end of the HSC
  • 150 Marking Credits
  • 1hr Private coaching session to discuss your HSC Vision, Motivation, Study Tips and more.
  • Holiday Support Sessions throughout the school holidays. These sessions are scheduled to support students even after school has finished term and are an opportunity for students to work in a cutting edge learning space with other students who are striving for HSC success. We encourage our students to use this environment as a great way to work without the usual distractions of home and the library and access expert support and coaching if needed. 



Scholastic Building

345 Pacific Highway

Lindfield  NSW  2070