HSC CoWorks Study Bootcamps 2015

We have been a part of successful HSC campaigns since 1996 and in this time we have worked with 1000s of students as they have made the climb up Mount HSC® to get into their dream University course.

Our team of HSC Coaches includes experienced markers, teachers, life coaches and tutors, some of whom are HSC CoWorks ex-students who have recently completed their HSC and achieved stellar results. They are all dedicated to opening the doors to life’s opportunities for our students through a great HSC campaign.

From the HSC CoWorks Shopify Store, you can purchase places to our Study Bootcamps which run throughout the HSC Year. These bootcamps are available to Year 12 students only.

Our study bootcamps provide an optimal learning environment over the holidays for students in Year 12. Students attending our study bootcamps can work without the distractions of home or the library and are accountable to and supported by our expert HSC staff. No Facebook, no mobile phones and no wasting time. Students will be guided in effective study techniques whilst also attempting HSC exam style questions and preparing for any upcoming assessment tasks. Each bootcamp covers at least 50% of our recommended daily study requirement in the holidays. Our Study Bootcamps sell out fast so make sure you book your place early.